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S4 CPU temperature on 3g

S4 CPU temperature

Envisioning the future of Social Media

‘Media’ term will become obsolete gradually & would eventually be called as social media! Why? –

  • Try to recall when did the last time you sat before your TV set & tuned it hear some news? It is because our internet savvy generation seldom gets off from social media. For instance, ask yourself how you came to know about the Meteorite fall in Russia.
  • Twitter has already been crowned as a fastest news source by internet industry.
  • Companies will use social media as their official channel for its announcements, following it with media briefings or press releases.

Every media will have the social integration factor to imbue liveliness in the conversation:

  • Whole media will have social integration & so the ‘media’ will become part of ‘social media’ eventually.

Live social updates streamed during The New Hour debate.Live social updates streamed during The New Hour debate.

The future of social media is in marketing – it’s not just begun, it is thriving now: 

  • The target audience of a business now is just a click away. If Facebook were a country it’d be the world’s 3rd largest. Wonder where else the conversation takes place online!
  • It all depends how companies position their brand online.
  • Gleaning user browsing patterns (likes, dislikes, comment’s sentiments) will make marketing much appealing and focused.

Social Media: By the people for the people – transforming the way government is elected:

  • In future the politicos will build their eminence & social respect through social media only (do you see any other channel available, so impactful & transparent?). It might sound hyperbolic now but then it will be a reality when government will be elected based on the fan following & eminence of contending parties.

Internet of Things‘ – objects will friend us Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • According to ‘Internet of Things’ every object will be blessed with intelligence to interact with humans. These ‘things’ will friend us on Facebook to communicate their functional status, perform tasks and make decisions on their own based on the inferences it is made from the data gathered from our day to day life.

Google Glass project like innovations

  • We’ll be seeing the world right through the social Gogs – “information at your fingertips” adage will sound old, it will change to “information hanging at your glasses”